‘The Best Thing’: Singer-Songwriter Phoebe Silva Discusses Her Infectious Debut Single

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Phoebe Silva

For Phoebe Silva, there’s no time like the present. That’s why the beautiful singer-songwriter, who’s been harnessing her musical prowess for years as an in-demand session player in L.A.’s indie music scene, decided to branch out into the world as a solo artist. Showcasing her charisma and sultry vocal with the release of an infectious debut single, “The Best Thing.”

The song is a timeless, big band throwback with a summery feel and nineties vibe. A track that features Silva’s big vocal soaring with confidence and self-expression. Crooning about female empowerment while ushering in a ubiquitous combination of retro-pop, blues and soul.

Silva will officially unveil her debut single to the world with a single release party on Monday, December 2 at The Hi-Hat in Los Angeles. I recently spoke with her about “The Best Thing” and more in this exclusive new interview.

How did your single, “The Best Thing” come about?

Phoebe Silva: I was working as a post-production assistant a few years ago and was seeing this guy who was well known around the L.A. music scene. He was so confusing because he was the kind of guy who made you feel special one minute and the next minute he’d be blowing you off and talking to other girls. One night, I was at work and the chorus just popped into my head. The lyrics just flowed out of me. It’s a song about female empowerment and became the catalyst for me to start writing and making music as a solo artist. The seed had been planted and was starting to grow.

What is your songwriting process?

PS: I almost always start with lyrics. Ideas will usually pop into my head every day and I’ll always jot them down. Sometimes the inspiration will be lyrics for an entire song and other times it might just be a phrase or two. If it’s a phrase, I’ll let it gestate for a while and then go back through my notes and stitch things together. It’s lyrics first with melodies usually attached to them.

How would you describe your sound?

PS: The theme I’ve settled on is retro-pop, but there’s a lot more to it. Some things are more folk and blues and others are more pop with a heavy jazz influence. I grew up in musical theater; listening to oldies, sixties rock, Motown, girl groups and early twentieth century songwriting. I also grew up in the nineties, so I was a huge fan of artists like Fiona Apple, Sarah McLaughlin and Jewel.

What can you tell me about your single release performance?

PS: It’s Monday, Dec 2 at The Hi-Hat, a super cool venue in L.A. My friends Brenda Carsey, Harry Kats & The Pistachios and Greg in Good Company will also be also there to play with me. It’s going to be a fun, high energy, family-music scene party. The indie music scene here is a tight-knit, collaborative community where everyone knows and is supportive of each other.

Did you always know that music would be your calling?

PS: I did. I’ve been standing on stage since I was three years old when I started playing violin. My mom and grandma were my teachers so it was always in my blood. I started doing theater when I was nine and did choir, dance and community theater while still in high school. Then I went to college for theater, aiming for Broadway. I enjoy the entire creative process. Everything from writing a song to recording to curating a performance. But standing on stage is where it feels the most natural.

What excites you the most about the new single and this next phase of your career?

PS: I’m operating from a place where I’ve built up the confidence to know exactly what I can do. Everything I post, write and create comes from a perspective of knowing that anything is possible. The thing I’m most excited about moving forward is continuing to establish myself as a solo artist and pushing my creativity and perspective as a human being. That’s what art is all about.

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