Interview: Singer-Songwriter Brooke Josephson Discusses Her Upcoming New York City Performance, New Music

Brooke Josephson

It’s not often that one of L.A.’s most inspiring artists makes her way to the East Coast, and that’s what makes Brooke Josephson’s appearance in New York City one of the must-see events of summer.

The beautiful singer-songwriter will be bringing her infectious brand of pop-rock to the East Coast for an exclusive performance at New York’s acclaimed Rockwood Music Hall on Saturday, August 17. Joining Josephson on stage that evening will be Tony Award-winning artist, Frances Ruffelle. In addition to a featured performance by Ruffelle, Josephson’s set will include material from her female-empowered EP, ‘Sexy N’ Domesticated’ as well as songs from her emotionally-driven first album, ‘Live And Let Live.’ She’ll also be unveiling new material to East Coast fans for the very first time, along with a few surprises.

In addition to her New York performance, Josephson is currently hard at work on her new EP as well as continuing to encourage and inspire others with her weekly “Woman of The Week” series on her social media accounts. She’s also an avid supporter of her daughter, Shira’s efforts as both an author and advocate for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

I recently spoke with Brooke Josephson about her upcoming performance at Rockwood Music Hall, new music and more in this exclusive new interview.

What can fans expect from your upcoming performance at The Rockwood?

Brooke Josephson: It’s going be a lot of fun and I’m so glad to have the opportunity to play there. There will be a few songs from ‘Sexy N Domesticated’, a few from my ‘Live And Let Live’ EP, some new songs, and then a few covers. I’m friends with Frances Ruffelle, who won the Tony Award for Les Misérables, and had the chance to sing in her Cabaret in New York in the spring. So, when I had the opportunity to perform at Rockwood, I reached out to her to see if she’d be interested in singing a few songs. She’ll be featured and do a solo and we’ll also do a medley of songs together.

Tell me a little about your relationship with New York City.

BJ: I came to New York with my high school choir during my senior year, when we sang at Radio City Music Hall, and fell in love with the city. Then my college choir from Indiana had a similar opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall, where we did Handel’s Messiah. My voice teacher was the one who encouraged me to pursue New York after college and I spent six years living there doing gigs, musical theater and TV.

It’s been a while since the release of your Sexy N’ Domesticated EP. What’s the status of your next album?

BJ: I’ll be heading to Nashville to scout out a few studios in early September and I’ll be working with Shane Adams, who’s a former professor of mine at Berklee. He’s been an incredible mentor over the years. This will be more of a stripped-down acoustic EP. We’re looking to start recording at the end of October.

Has your approach to the craft of songwriting changed much?

BJ: I always write lyric first. Sometimes I’ll have melodic lines in my head but it usually comes after I’ve already written a few lyrics. I’ll find a style of music that goes with what I’m emotionally trying to say with the words and then I’ll build chords and write a riff to go with it.

One of the most interesting things about your social media feed is your “Woman Of The Week” series. How did that come about?

BJ: I hadn’t been using social media to share things prior to releasing ‘Sexy N’ Domesticated’ but one of the things I took away from getting into the scene was using it to connect with people and inspiring each other. As a result, I’ve been able to meet some really amazing women. So instead of always putting the spotlight on what I’ve got going on I thought about doing something about one or more women each week. These are women I’ve either met and know personally or know through social media. It’s all about encouraging and lifting each other up.

Your daughter, Shira, has been heavily involved with CHLA. Can you give me an update on what she’s been up to?

BJ: During the first few weeks of summer break Shira was focused on fundraising for the annual CHLA walk. We were fortunate to have so many people reach out and she raised a little over $13,000 for the event. She also recently finished her third book, which will be out in September and is now focusing on the CHLA Action Day this October. She also has a few other authors coming in to read for her web series, “Shira’s Story Corner.”

Are there any other projects you’re currently working on?

BJ: I’m going to be collaborating on a few song ideas with Samuel Roukin, who directed my “Sexy N’ Domesticated” music video and is also an actor, producer and DJ. I don’t see myself doing these songs but they’re EDM house music and party anthems that we’ll find the right artist to perform. It’ll be fun to explore that with him.



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