Interview: Sarah Vandella Gives Update on AB-2389 and Dealing with Quarantine as an Adult Entertainer

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Sarah Vandella

As one of the industry’s most in-demand performers, Sarah Vandella has earned accolades for her sexual prowess as well as her advocacy for the world of adult entertainment. There’s a wholesome, girl-next-door genuineness to Vandella that goes well beyond porn. Sure, she may be known for her beauty and sexual talents, but if you dig a little deeper you quickly discover that she’s a spirited intellectual who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Vandella has been very vocal about her opposition to AB-2389 [Adult Performers: Employment Rights]. A bill introduced by California Assembly Person, Cristina Garcia, that would have required all adult performers, creators and webcam models to pay a fee to be licensed as well as complete a training program and submit fingerprints for criminal record checks. The bill also would have required adult entertainment companies and studios to maintain strict records of talent and require performers to keep licenses on their person at all times and to be subject to inspection at any time, including in their own homes.

You can read more about Vandella’s opposition to AB-2389 by clicking here.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis and ongoing mitigation efforts, AB-2389 was tabled last month and for the foreseeable future. I recently caught up with Vandella to get an update as well as to find out how she’s coping during this period of transition and quarantine. She also gives me an update on her latest projects and more in this exclusive new interview.

The last time we spoke was prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. How have things been going for you? What’s the mindset of people where you live?

Sarah Vandella: I’m in a little area of California and, for the most part, everyone is relaxed and cool. Probably about 80% of people are wearing masks. There are certain shops that will not let patrons enter unless they’re wearing one. Our industry is still on hold, so while I’m not performing with other talent or meeting with crew for content I’m continuing to film from home and engaging with fans on OnlyFans and SextPanther. I’m grateful that I’m able to continue to work from home and stay busy. I feel terrible that this is where we are and that so many people are out of work, but if we just hang in there a little longer for the greater good and bigger picture, things are going to get better.

Can you give me an update on the status of AB-2389?

SV: AB-2389 is completely dropped, for now. All funding and attention is now going to cover Covid-19 relief and research, as it should. The change petition we started was one of those things where the more you kept talking about it and informing people the better the chance for the bill to be put to rest. It was a bill that never should have happened and would’ve hugely affected the public. Even those not in the industry. Now that it’s been tabled I’m grateful the resources can go to getting everyone back on track.

What’s been the hardest thing for you during this period of downtime, both personally and as an adult performer?

SV: I’ll admit it’s been a bit rough. I miss family and friends and just living life and traveling. You get comfortable having a certain routine and being out in the world and seeing familiar faces. The hardest thing is not having physical contact, and it doesn’t even have to be sexual. Just the notion of shaking hands, hugging, embracing and kisses on the cheek. I’m confident that it’s all going to work out. We just need to continue to be patient and let science do its work and hope people continue to do the right thing.

What sort of changes do you foresee in the future for the adult industry and being a sex worker when this is all over?

SV: Our industry production has been on hold and I’ve been quarantining since mid-March. During this downtime everyone behind the scenes has been working on integrating covid testing and figuring out the details. I don’t have enough information right now but common sense tells me there needs to be some sort of rapid testing. As far as brothels go my guess would be they’d be back at the very end of the phasing. It all depends on state law and ordinances. I’ve been talking to my madams and staying in touch. Having covid tests available is very important to them as is the safety, health and welfare of customers, employees, girls and management. I miss everyone and can’t wait to get back to work and hug people and be a care giver.

Are there any projects you’re currently working on?

SV: I have a new Brazzers scene I shot before the quarantine that was recently released and have a few other things coming out as well. I’ve also been staying in touch with fans on my platforms. I want to remain open and let them know that I’m here and really do care about them.

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