Interview: Sarah Vandella Celebrates Fifteen Years in The Adult Industry

James Wood
4 min readJul 25, 2022


Sarah Vandella

Since her arrival in 2007, Sarah Vandella has become one of the adult industry’s most versatile and in-demand performers. Earning accolades not only for her sexual prowess but also for developing a large following with her own creative brand with content on sites like OnlyFans and SextPanther.

Vandella continues to be an advocate for sex work as well as a voice of opposition, like when she opposed legislation that would’ve enforced all adult entertainment performers and creators to be licensed and submit to training as well as random fingerprinting and criminal record checks.

In addition to her innate beauty, Vandella is a genuine and spirited soul who will continue to be a rising force in the industry, long after most women with similar tenure have exited the business.

I recently spoke with Sarah Vandella about her fifteen years in porn and much more in this exclusive new interview.

You’ve recently celebrated 15 years in the adult industry. When you look back now with so much perspective, what thoughts come to mind?

Sarah Vandella: That’s an interesting question. There are actually two things that come to mind right away. First is how incredibly hard I was on myself in my early years with trying to find my footing and defining my place in the industry. The second thing is how resilient I am to have been able to go through so much shit and still come out on the other side. There are aspects of the industry I love more than others but, ultimately, I still love shooting porn and creating content.

What are some of the changes you’ve seen in the industry over the years?

SV: There have been so many. What strikes me now is how girls are coming in with plans, managers and career strategy. When I was coming in no one told you anything. You just kind of figured things out as you went along and tried not to be taken advantage of. The other big change is the turnaround of content. When I was new it sometimes took six months for a DVD scene to come out. Today things are produced at a massive rate and extremely fast. The industry has expanded, and now models who have a name and fan base are using things like OnlyFans, Patreon and SextPanther as ways to bring in additional income and support ourselves.

How has a woman’s role changed in the industry?

SV: I think it depends on who you ask. When I was new it was very much a boy’s club. Today, there are tons of female creators and directors and it’s inspiring to see. The other interesting thing is that what’s considered “sexy” isn’t the same for everyone. It used to be that what was considered sexy and what porn is was placed inside of a box. Now the perspective has expanded into sects of different areas. It’s great to see new blood coming in with fresh and creative ideas.

There seems to be an ongoing theme in porn lately with MILF and stepmom scenes. Do you think that dynamic will change in the future?

SV: With all of the non-binary and transgender I think we may see something happen. When it comes to the kind of porn I’ve been doing it’s pretty tried and true and here to stay. I had two years of just girl porn when I came in and would usually play the girl next door, the babysitter, or the office girl. The older I got, the more I became the stepmom. There’s a reason the MILF genre is so large and powerful. People love it and it sells, so let’s give the people what they want.

Is there a theme you’d like to explore more?

SV: Maybe something with a more artsy tease with gonzo hardcore. I like stories about people and relationships. Establish the art and then create a story that goes deeper.

What’s a stigma people associate with the adult industry that’s really not true?

SV: We’re really not having copious amounts of promiscuous sex with random people. We’re actually very selective and test quite often. Easily twice a month for STD and HIV. With Covid, it depends on the production.

If the Sarah Vandella of 2022 could go back 15 years, what would she tell the Sarah Vandella of 2007?

SV: Shut your f#cking mouth [laughs]. Seriously, I’d tell her to shut up and learn to listen more.

Of all the highlights of your career so far, what stands out to you as most memorable?

SV: I have a few. Shutting down the Throated Challenge is one of my career highlights. The second would be getting to work with Jesse Jayne when I was brand new to the industry. Third would be getting my ZT/Third Degree/Diabolic contract. There are a lot more moments that are just as awesome, but those are my heavy three.

What’s the best bit of sex advice you can give to a couple?

SV: Have good communication and find out what you both want and if you can give it to each other. Also, don’t be afraid to try something new. Try something both of you are comfortable with. Do what feels right and authentic for yourself and for your relationship.

What do you think you’d be doing if you hadn’t chosen a career in the adult industry?

SV: Probably something in the world of creativity, like photography. Anything creative without having to go through large amounts of schooling. The sex industry though is where I feel most comfortable. So if it came down to choosing a different career, I may just re-stage the trajectory of how I do my sex work, but I’ll still be running my fan sites. I love what I do.