Interview Profile: Larkin Love Discusses Her Career in Adult Entertainment and Being The Master of Role Play

James Wood
4 min readFeb 17, 2020


Larkin Love

With a career trajectory that began as a psychology major in college, indie artist Larkin Love has quickly become one of adult entertainment’s most successful self-made entrepreneurs.

Her OnlyFans and Snap sites have garnered her legions of adoring fans who tune in regularly to watch the seductress’ kinky hardcore, taboo, and fetish scenes.

Each of the ten to thirty minute clips features Love as the master of role play. Showcasing her chameleon-like ability to go from kinky mom to sexy librarian (among dozens of other characters) with veritable ease. Love has complete creative control when it comes to her content and is constantly in the process of updating her sites.

Outside of porn, Love is also hard at work on a travel blog that will showcase her skills as a diving enthusiast and world traveler. I recently spoke with her about her career and much more in this exclusive new interview.

How did your career as an adult entertainer come about?

LL: I was working two jobs and was continuously broke my entire way through college. I was studying psychology and thought it might be a good lead for something like med school, but I had no support from my family and at the time I had medical bills with pretty insufficient health insurance. I was barely making ends meet and decided to start stripping as a way to support myself. It was hard work with a huge learning curve but I did really well and my financial situation turned around quickly. From there, I went into camming and then moved to L.A. were I started doing porn. Eventually, I decided to start shooting on my own. I never went back to a regular job again.

What’s the most challenging part of being an indie artist in porn?

LL: It can be challenging at times to keep people respectful and keep my boundaries intact. I’ve learned a lot of clear communication skills, education and promotion. The other challenge is dealing with the stigma and myths about my choice of career.

Has your education helped you in that regard?

LL: I think it’s been helpful. Just the fact that I’ve been lucky enough to get an education in my lifetime and have critical thinking, reading and writing abilities. I can compose my thoughts very quickly. I will also say that my doctor and therapist role play is better than anyone elses [laughs]!

What are your thoughts on the so-called pearl clutchers who rail against porn but are secretly curious?

LL: I think they’re scared of losing social power and identity and feel like they need to push against something in order to define who they are. Porn is the thing they’ve zeroed in on.

What’s a typical day like for you on set?

LL: A typical day on the set is a typical day at my place. Everywhere I’ve lived there’s an area or room I turn into a homestead. On a typical shoot day I’ll wake up and get in the makeup chair and do my hair and makeup. Then I’ll start plundering my closet for inspiration. I never use a script and every video I’ve produced is usually 10–30 minutes in length. I just put on the costume, get in front of the camera with a few keywords and do the entire scene usually in one take. The thing that’s most popular is the mom role-play. I love pushing that button because it’s somewhat shocking. The mom archetype is my favorite to play.

What do you enjoy doing outside of porn?

LL: I love scuba diving. I have my dry suit certification and am starting to get more into ice diving. I did some dives in Iceland and am in the process of working toward doing an expedition to Greenland. I also love to read and am starting a travel blog.

What other projects are you currently working on?

LL: Since June of last year I’ve been pouring all of my time and attention into my OnlyFans and Snap, so there’s new stuff every single day and constant new pieces of beautiful content.

What are you most looking forward to about the future?

LL: I like that my career has condensed and that I’m doing things on my own terms. The drama from my early career is behind me. Now it’s time for more travel and exploration of the world.That’s where all my energy is focused.